I have finally succeeded in installing a Lightwave render farm using Amleto  on Amazon cloud. Here are the steps: Step 1: Sign up to Amazon EC2 service and launch an instance. The video below should give a step by step guide: Step 2: Launch an instance. An instance is a fully configured computer on the […]

In a nutshell: Lightwave’s interface is very slick and intuitive. You can get to work very quickly and can produce good quality output efficiently. Lightwave tools are generally very well implemented so once you get going, you really don’t have to think about them. On the negative side, Lightwave is not very flexible. It is […]

Update Great news: With LW2015. using the same technique, you can now apply the clip map directly to the surface property. There is no need to create a separate object/layer anymore  and you can actually save it as a material preset.  Why I like this technique: You can use it with any grass texture Very […]

  Quick summary: strategies for dealing with radiosity You can set individual radiosity properties such as the Rays Per Evalution, Min and Max Pixel Spacing etc for each object. An effective strategy is to set a low radiosity setting as whole, identify problem areas and increase the radiosity setting only for objects associated with that […]