3D Grass Using Clip Map

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Great news: With LW2015. using the same technique, you can now apply the clip map directly to the surface property. There is no need to create a separate object/layer anymore  and you can actually save it as a material preset. 

Why I like this technique:

  1. You can use it with any grass texture
  2. Very robust. You will not get any surprise during render time
  3. You can use it with whatever shape of grass patch

The Technique

  1. Create your normal grass and texture it.
  2. Copy this grass to a new layer. Rename this layer grass3d.
  3. Move the object in grass3d layer by 2mm in y direction.
  4. Copy this object by 2mm in y direction 30 times.
  5. In layout, choose grass3d layer. Select render tab and click on clip map. Use the value below for the map. Experiment with values to get your own customised grass.

Obviously, I did not invent this technique. Click here for original discussion on Lightwave forum.

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